New Fashion Trends in Next Four Seasons

There are so many hopes and perusing in 2011, but do you know the fashion factors in the next four seasons? Colorful mixes the beautiful life, also makes our beauties.

In perusing fashion trends, we also need to distinguish them in from many aspects such as natural, practical, comfortable and so on. Now, let’s scan some new characters in different seasons which have been revealed.

1. Suppleness in spring

The following lines, elegance and free style,three-dimensional feeling is the most popular trend of spring season; you can wear a crimped shirt to match with fustian jeans in good quality and wear some ordinary accessories such as little rings an earrings or some bracelet or necklace, then wear a pair of high-heels shoes to show your perfection.

2 poetical in summer

Wally roses red, ocean’s blue, new and lovely lemon-yellow all are bright are a series of bright colors and we can mix them into one artwork and to create another fresh feelings, also they will lead us come back childhood.

To show your slender body, your dressing need to be in S shape or H shape, then to match a pair of slim shoes, you will be attractive in this summer.

3. Primordial in autumn

The nature store zillions mysteries, they give us not only resources but also the plenty of the inspiration values. Only those ideal natures can take us limpid mood and clear heart. They take us get rid of the modern life style and then give us many new fashions

Clear and bright color in water just like pearls and they lead the fashion autumn on 2011.

4. Black occupies the winter

Some fashion people say that black color represents mysterious power, also there is someone thinks it is a cool color, the another groups think

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